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Commercial Indoor Bikes

Perfect for group exercises, the indoor cycle takes up very little room whilst giving a full workout. A well-equipped indoor cycle room is sure to draw the crowds! The popular cardio workout has become a staple class (and big business) for gyms across the country. Mixing cardio training and core strength with a great playlist, people just can’t get enough.

Studio Bikes

Indoor studio bikes have a weighted flywheel connected to the pedals. They closely resemble the feel of a real bike, allowing users to stand up for a more intensive workout using a wider group of muscles. Resistance is easily changed using a knob, in the same way that you would change gears on a regular bike. Studio bikes are popular with advanced users and cyclist enthusiasts.

Air Bike

An alternative option to an indoor studio bike with a weighted flywheel is an Air Bike. These work by building up air resistance based on the speed the user is pedalling. They combine pedalling and movement of the arms to provide a full body workout. These bikes do not come with a pre-programmed set of workouts allowing the user the freedom to devise their own routine.

We have professional studio bikes available from top brand Life Fitness. We ensure that the equipment we sell if of the highest quality to guarantee users a comfortable workout on equipment that’s built to last.

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